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MUST SEE!!! Coriolis Flow Sensor Hastelloy (C22) Welded

Hello viewers,

In this video i show you how i am going to weld a coriolis flow sensor

Note: this is C22 metal (Hastelloy)

I read this sensor in 3 layers,
Root,filling layer and the closing layer

I also use an oxygen meter to be 100% sure that more and part argon is present during welding.
In the photo you see numbers, the lower the number the less oxygen is present
The welding of hastelloy is very viscous material, there will be a lot of edges on both sides, as you see in the video
Tools I use during welding:
Esab welding machine
Pyrex Gas Cup
Welding wire 1.6 mm ERNiCrMo-10
Speedglas welding helmet 9100xs 3M
Purgeye 300 Nano

I hope i informed you enough,
Feel free to ask questions


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