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Electric Scooter 800w 36 Volt - Test / Review

i have just bought myself a brand new viron 800w 36V electric scooter. I have imported it from Germany (I live in Norway) So I decided to film my first test drive on a forest path and a private road =) If you're considering buying an electric scooter, you can se my ride and assembling of the scooter. It has a reach of 30 km, and top speed should be 32 km/h, but with me who is very light i can get it a little over 40 km/h :) Please leave a like if you enjoyed! :)
Tehs : How fast
Khabib Nurmagomedov : I have this scooter and I bent the rear sprocket anyone know the right size so I can buy a new one
Christian Quintero : You don't need more voltage for hill climbing you need more current for torque. You need to replace that 30amp controller with a 50amp controller also match the motor. How do I know right? From experience
Benhur Apilado : CAN YOU RACE ZERO X10 WHO'S WIN. ...SIR
Marcello Venturi : Now this type of E scooter Is like toy ahhaha 800w whith same weight of some new 2000w hahah

Selens 800W Video Lights

Buy the kit: http://amzn.com/B011NP678Y

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Light 800 : come everibody in my chane YouTube please !
Drew Studio Production : U sucks dude
Step by Step Photography and Video : Oh gimme that hot light!!!!
YoungBlaze : I keep finding like sooo many prices on these lights like 57 bucks then 500 bucks then 2,000 bucks
Rapip Wapi : 0:24 what is the name of the light like a box shape

Kaabo Mantis 10 800W elektrinis paspirtukas. Pirmas testas.

Pirmieji testai paspirtuko su vienu varikliu. Įspūdžiai labai teigiami. Tai puikus paspirtukas miestui. Svoris vos 24kg. Variklis 800W, baterija didelės talpos 48V 18.2Ah. Minkšti amortizatoriai. Surinkimas puikus. Savanorių pr. 206, Kaune išmėgink https://www.orlaivis.lt/produktas/mantis-10-48v-18-2ah-800w/
+37064854000, info@orlaivis.lt
Išmėginęs jau nemažai skirtingų paspirtukų - šiuo tikrai nenusivilsite.




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